Fashion Options for the Modern Bride

Guest post by Wendy Dessler with Azazie, a leading fashion bridal party online store.

If you have never been a bride, you probably think there are basic options for the bride and that most gowns are similar. You probably think selecting a wedding gown should be no more difficult than selecting a prom dress or a Quinceanera gown. While those dresses are important, they do not compare to the gown a woman chooses to wear on her wedding day.

Society has finally begun to demand flattering apparel for everyone, no matter their height, weight, or complexion.  Styles are wide open, and industry leaders like Azazie guarantee that every bride finds the dress of her dreams. Whether they feature the gown in their line or custom design a gown for a bride, it will flatter her, fit her, and she will be stunning.

Modern trends

Perhaps the most often requested cut for a bridal gown or a bridesmaids dress is the A-Line. This dress is a simple cut that flatters every body type. The gown fits close to the body from the waist up then flows gently from the waist to the floor.

This gown has so many beautiful options that the A-Line can look like several different styles. The A-Line dress can have virtually any neckline. This is important if a bride needs to maximize her smaller bustline or minimize her large breasts. It is important that the dress fits. Many times large breasted women will select a dress that fits loosely over her breast. This is a mistake. The A-line dress fits close to the body. The modest V-neck is flattering for the larger breasts.

A smaller bustline looks best with a round neckline. The gown should have cap sleeves or draped over one shoulder. This draws the eye to the neck instead of the breast and she can concentrate on the tulle skirt.

The details matter

Today’s bride may not be married in white. She might choose champagne, ivory, or smoke gray. She is not a slave to tradition and if she wants color the options are there for her. The more detail work on the dress the smoother the fabric should be. Applique gowns made of chiffon are perfect for every body type. If the bride is wearing a gown with this much detail, she will probably go with a sweetheart neckline. Sleeves are a must. Long sleeves are best, but ¾ sleeves will work.

Showing it off!

For the bride who was blessed with the perfect figure, the strapless, fitted gown is hot, It can be very short or it may sweep the floor, but the fabric embraces her body. However, most brides want a bit more modesty than this dress affords. Embroidered lace overlay is the answer. She is still sexy, but the embroidery gives the illusion of coverage. The illusion of sleeves, cleavage coverage and a longer hemline allows this dress to be elegantly sexy and acceptable in any venue. This also allows the bride with the “slightly” imperfect figure can pull this gown off seamlessly. It is amazing what the right under garments and a layer of lace can hide. This may give her the dress she dreamed of but never dared to try.

Choosing a bride and a bridesmaid dress is not easy. But it is a priceless experience that you will never regret.